I've insisted on writing this English weebly for nearly two months.I always think time of staying in America is2 limit for me.I try to record each precious moment,but sometimes I can't record everything.These days I rearrange my weebly following the content instead of the time order.I think some things are connected with each other.I want you to know more details of one aspect.But sometimes what I've written still  puzzled you.You must want to know which one was written recently.So I want to give you catalogue from now on and just let you know what I wrote today.And you also should remember each last article of one page is the newest one of the page.
     the date of writing:first stage/second stage/the essay's name 
    Oct.10: Class/My Chinese conversation class/the last Chinese Class     

    Oct.16:working in lander/international program,students and i/My First Presentation in English/
     Oct.17: working in lander/international program,students and i /(Oct.2)International Program Meeting  、  (Oct.17)International Program Meeting
     Oct.18:working in lander/the week for Lander University Police Depart/(October 7-11)Working with Lander University Police Department 
      Oct.21:working in lander/the week for the wellness center/the week for the wellness center:first day         
     Oct.23: :working in lander/the week for the wellness center /Moonshine Running
       Oct.23:weekend life/my happy weekends/Rock climbing ; Memorable Get-together on Saturday
        Oct.24: working in lander/the week for the wellness center /Domestic Violence Awareness Week 
           Oct.24: working in lander/the week for the wellness center /  Communication with Justin 
         Oct.24: working in lander/international program,students and i /Working on Chinese Brochure         
          Oct.25: working in lander/international program,students and i / Oct.23 Inernational program office meeting
            Oct.25:class/education class/ I volenteered to make a presentation in Education in America 
            Oct.25:weekend life/my happy weekend/The First Time for us to have Hotpot in America 
         Oct.29:weekend life/my happy weekend/BBQ And Jack'O Lantern made In National Park                            
          Nov.3:weekend life/my happy weekend/ Hiking in the Jones Gap Park  
            Nov:5:working in Lander/Nov.4-Nov.8 This Week I study in the Career Departmennt  
          Nov:5:working in Lander/NAFSA conference in North Calolina             
          Nov.15:international Programs / International students appreciation reciption 
          Nov.15:international Programs /Open house at Lander                         
          Nov.17:student affair/the career department/Resume Presentation and Resume Doctor
           Nov.17:student affair /Oct.31-Nov.1 Studying in the Recreation Department 

     Hello,everyone,I am Alice,coming from Shanghai,China.My Chinese name is Chonglai Chen.Some people call me Chonglai teacher and I enjoy  it.Chonglai in English means again.But I don’t think life can be again.So let we cherish every day and always remember that Alice is
       Now at first let me introduce myself briefly. I was born in the Pudong New Area of  Shanghai where Expo 2010 was held in China.In 2000,I entered Shanghai Normal  University and majoyed in literature. After  I graduated from the university in 2004,I become a counselor of my University in  charge of 200 students.In 2006,I began my study of postgraduation and majoyed in  education.My dream is to be a good teacher welcomed by students.
      I have a happy family in Shanghai.My husband and I work for the  same university.We have a cute daughter,four years old this year. I miss them  very much but I am still very glad to arrive Lander as an international visiting scholar.I believe I will gain cherish memories on this land.From now on,I am expecting to begin my four-month studing and working life here.I will insist on my English weebly.Please pay more attention to Alice's Lander land.